PARTNERS members have shared our interdisciplinary synthesis work on reforestation by, together with organizational partners, producing two educational modules, webinars, and policy briefs. We also formed the Forest and Landscape Restoration Standards Taskforce (FLoRES). We will continue to maintain a presence on Social Media through Facebook and Twitter to publicize new publications and opportunities for research, education, practice, and networking.

The PARTNERS Network Values Outreach to Policy Makers, Educators, and Practitioners

Climate and and Reforestation Webinar Series: a PARTNERS-ELTI collaboration

In spring 2018, PARTNERS collaborated with the Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI) at Yale University on a three-part webinar series covering different elements of how tropical forest restoration links with social and environmental aspects of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Webinars engaged 12 experts from the natural and social sciences to share cutting edge research, synthesis work, and case studies. Participants (eight women, four men) represented five countries and 10 organizations, presenting research from throughout the tropics.  

We invite you to listen to the webinars here: https://elti.yale.edu/partners-climate-change-webinar-series

The individual videos are also available for download here:

Webinar #1 (March 29, 2018): Reforestation and Forestry in the Tropics as Climate Change Mitigation Solutions, 121 participants DOWNLOAD

Webinar #2 (April 18, 2018): Reforestation and Biodiversity as Climate Change Adaptation Solutions, 64 participants DOWNLOAD

Webinar #3 (May 9, 2018): The Social Aspects of Reforestation for Climate Change: Where, When and How? 38 participants DOWNLOAD

The role of secondary forests in restoration and biodiversity conservation (ATBC Panel 2017)

Resilient Landscapes: The social and ecological causes and consequences of reforestation in the tropics. (ATBC symposium 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii)

Organizers: Sarah Jane Wilson, Elena Lazos, Miguel Martínez-Ramos, Patricia Balvanera, Robin Chazdon

Hope for the future of tropical forests lies in protecting old-growth forest and reforesting. Forest cover is increasing in many tropical countries. Here we link people with reforestation, discussing the role of tropical reforestation in climate change, ecosystem and socio-ecological resilience, and challenges of tradeoffs and synergies in reforestation scenarios.

We also discuss the role of definitions of forests in policies affecting reforestation, patterns of reforestation in Latin America, and drivers of local forest transitions in the Ecuadorean Andes. These presentations will enhance our understanding of the social and ecological causes and consequences of reforestation in the tropics, and the extent to which tropical forest landscapes are resilient to different land uses.