Local Decision-making

Local Decision-making is Essential for Effective and Long-Lasting Tropical Reforestation

Engaging with and empowering local decision-making processes is key to creating restoration interventions that will be integrated into local lives and communities, and thereby persist into the future. Effective local governance can be achieved through a variety of different models and strategies. Restoration can tap into existing governance structures (for example, farming associations) or can galvanize communities around new structures, institutions, partnerships and/or tenure arrangements.

Case studies from the PARTNERS network show that, in the right context, creating public-private partnerships worked well to engage local communities; in others, creating restoration projects on communal land gave people the space and opportunity to collectively restore and reforest land. However, in all cases understanding local decision making processes (or lack thereof) and empowering local stakeholders to engage in restoration governance and implementation are essential for effective and long-lasting restoration.