At our kick-off workshop in May 2014, teams began the work of synthesizing previously published scholarly research and unpublished data within five major themes. In addition to peer-reviewed journal publications, working groups will also produce policy briefs for government and non-government agencies and organizations, and teaching modules for university students and reforestation professionals.


Participants at our kick-off workshop in Storrs, CT.

In a second workshop in November 2015, working group participants will present their synthesis projects, and discuss the development of new research proposals and synthesis projects to address knowledge gaps.

In 2017, an additional workshop featuring early career scientists will focus on the social and ecological challenges of managing regenerating forests.

The five-year NSF funded RCN’s activities will conclude with an international distributed graduate seminar on the social and ecological impacts of climate variability on tropical forest regeneration and reforestation.

Given the growing interest and positive feedback, PARTNERS is looking for potential funders to continue working past the 5 year NSF grant.