Steering Committee

Bernardo B.N. Strassburg

Bernardo B.N. Strassburg is the founder and Executive Director of the International Institute for Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro, and Assistant Professor at the Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Ruth DeFries

Ruth DeFries’ research examines human transformation of the landscape and its consequences for climate, biogeochemical cycling, biodiversity, and other ecosystem services that make our planet habitable.

Tom Rudel

Tom Rudel

Tom Rudel conducts research on land use change. He has researched the driving forces behind tropical deforestation both through case studies in the Ecuadorian Amazon and through quantitative analyses at the global scale.

Ashwini Chhatre

Professor Ashwini Chhatre's research interests are broadly centered on the dynamic cross-scale interactions between democratization, economic development, and environmental governance.

Elena Lazos Chavero

Elena Lazos Chavero's research interests include the conservation of agro-biodiversity, social and political dynamics of Mexican agriculture, gender and sustainable development, issues of transgenic maize in Mexico as well as ecosystem services

David Barton Bray

David Barton Bray is currently Professor in the Environmental Studies Department at Florida International University and Director of the Institute for Sustainability Science in the Latin American and Caribbean Center at FIU.

Michael R. Willig

Michael R. Willig has an internationally renowned career in environmental sciences, working in Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and the US, with an emphasis on application of quantitative and statistical techniques to understand the ecology and conservation of coupled human and natural systems.

María Uriarte

Maria Uriarte is an Associate Professor in the Department for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology at Columbia University. Through an integrated program of empirical and quantitative approaches, research in her lab examines forest ecological dynamics in response to natural disturbance and human land use.

Pedro Brancalion

Pedro Brancalion is a Tropical Forestry Professor at the Department of Forest Sciences of the "Luiz de Queiroz" College of Agriculture, University of São Paulo, Brazil, where he develops research and outreach programs on tropical forest restoration in human-modified landscapes.

Carla Catterall

Professor Carla Catterall is an ecologist and environmental scientist in the School of Environment at Griffith University. Her research interests lie in the responses of diverse organisms to habitat change in subtropical and tropical ecosystems.

Manuel Guariguata

Manuel Guariguata serves as CIFOR's Principal Scientist on tropical forest ecology and forest management for production and conservation. His research combines ecology, management and policy aspects related to both natural and restored forests for the generation of multiple goods and services

Jefferson S. Hall

Jefferson S. Hall is a Staff Scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and the Agua Salud Project Leader.

Robin Chazdon

Robin Chazdon

Robin Chazdon is a Professor in the Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. She specializes in ecology and regeneration of tropical and temperate forests, conservation and restoration of tropical forests, tropical second-growth forests, biodiversity and conservation in agricultural landscapes.

Brian Finegan

Bryan Finegan

Bryan Finegan leads research on global change effects on tropical forest ecosystems, mainly in Central America, with a growing focus on socio-ecological approaches in partnership with colleagues and graduate students at CATIE, where he works, and the University of Idaho.

John Herbohn

John Herbohn

John Herbohn is the Director of the Tropical Forests and People Research Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast. John's core research interest is in the field of smallholder and community forestry in tropical countries.