Communications Committee

Trevor Caughlin

Trevor Caughlin

Trevor Caughlin is interested in spatial patterns in plant populations and communities. His research addresses how demographic processes, including seed dispersal and neighborhood competition, generate spatial patterns in plant populations, how landscape features, such as human land use, influence plant demography, and finally, how plant communities alter landscapes.

Claire Salisbury

Claire Salisbury is a biologist interested in the evolution, conservation, and restoration of tropical forest biodiversity.

Renata Leite Pitman

Renata Leite Pitman is a tropical conservation ecologist working in Brazil,  Peru and United States. She owns a private reserve in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, where she created the Atlantic Forest Research and Conservation Center and where she runs a habitat restoration project for the last 21 years. She is

Rúben Dario Palacio

Sharif Mukul

Sharif has a background in forestry from Bangladesh (Shahjalal University of Science and Technology), Germany (Technical University of Dresden) and Denmark (Copenhagen University). He is currently pursuing doctoral study and research at the University of Queensland, Australia. His has studied sustainable use, management, and conservation of forests and biodiversity. He is interested in the potential