ATBC Asic-Pacific Chapter Meeting 2017

This year the ATBC-AP will focus on Biodiversity of the region, from understanding its evolution, to how to best conserve it under increasingly challenging conditions. The conference aims to stimulate discussion on thematic issues to regional conservation, and showcase the latest theories on the origin of the Asia-Pacific region’s extraordinary diversity.

The conference will focus on four main themes, which will run in parallel throughout the conference, and will each be represented by a keynote presentation.

a). Patterns and processes of Biodiversity

b). Biogeography and evolution of Southeast Asian Biodiversity                      

c). Addressing the threats to Southeast Asian Biodiversity

d). Sustainable use and production of natural resources

The conference also aims to nurture the next generation of talent, through mentoring, workshops and skill sessions and will also aim to facilitate the attendance of early career researchers from across the region.

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